Technical expertise in precision engineering. A matter of experience…

To talk of expertise today means talking of the skills of the human resources used, knowledge of the field, the materials processed and the technologies used, but it also refers to responsibility in business relationships, availability and flexibility towards customers and an awareness of being part of a production context in which there is no room for improvisation.

At Nuova PTM all these concepts are adopted as working standards and are applied efficiently and effectively in every phase and aspect of the company, even the most across-the-board.

This is why we can say with confidence that entrusting your business to our company means putting your faith in those who have made EXPERTISE their working style as well as their lifestyle.

The company has:

  • adequate logistic spaces
  • modern machine tool inventory and all essential equipment needed for production
  • a controlled production organisation
  • skilled, well-qualified and up to the minute human resources
  • ability to provide high precision chip removal and finishing
  • ability to design and manufacture special equipment for fitting to machinery for gear cutting, gear shaving, tooth grinding, turning, piece handling and movement


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