Our strengths are our workers, their interest, experience and productivity.

We are a solid company with a great professional tradition, but we are also young, modern, dynamic and competitive, and most of all, customer-oriented.
All our activities take place on one large site, organised into departments where spaces, machinery and operators find their own dimension and an order that is a testimony of our entrepreneurial vision of work, consisting of:

  • experience
  • availability
  • precision
  • range of standard products
  • capacity for producing special equipment

With our organisation, we can offer our precision equipment across Italy and in most European and extra-European countries.
Our commercial referent for Germany is Mrs. Pellegrin. Her contact is: 



Sometimes the solution to a problem is something really simple. 

Experience, together with the use of dedicated software managed by technically prepared personnel, means that we can offer equipment with a very high quality standard, capable of satisfying every customer requirement.

On request and with your collaboration, we can autonomously design special equipment or else modify existing designs…



We have the space, modern machinery, human resources and the right experience.

All our standard products (such as fixed or rotating livecenters, drivers, vices and tension pins) and the special equipment are produced exclusively in our workshops by qualified personnel using modern processing machines.

This guarantees our clients quality-controlled production of both small components and large equipment, and punctual delivery…


For some people this is just a certificate, for us it is a mission.

Today, our success is due to an excellent quality/performance/price ratio, a constant availability of products, punctual delivery and the controls to which all our products are subjected before they are delivered.

A philosophy of work that is fundamental for us. The search for total quality that we have always pursued…


Over the past decade, by virtue of a new marketing policy directed towards exports, we have been able to establish contacts with some major European countries with high manufacturing standards in the machine tool manufacturing sector.

Today, our products are sold in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

We are present in the USA with a sole agent for North America.